At first I have to make an announcement that my call is being abused in the DX cluster(s) by other person(s). With my call they offend other radio amateurs and people and accuse them of several things. These messages are not done by me! I know of the fact it’s happening and actions have been taken, but it won’t stop. I don’t respond to these messages nor do I give any reaction whatsoever. The same thing is happening with the call of my husband PA9RD and is also done by the same person(s).


My hamstory

How it started:

Years ago, I kept racing pigeons. Every saturday looking up to the sky to see them coming home. Flying over distances of 30 to 1000 kms. I wanted to be informed about the arrival of the pigeons. Many times I used the phone to get some information, but it seemed to be a better way to use a CB radio.

That was the beginning of my CB experience. At first I wasn’t interested at all. Yes, of course on saturday’s but any other day….no way. Due to my ex-husband, it entered my life. He was active the rest of the weekdays with CB. At first, the whole “station” was set up in the garden shed . During the winter, this cold and unheated shed was not suited to work with other stations on CB, so the radio moved to the kitchentable.
The kitchen proved to be no option and soon our CB radio moved to the living room. This happened just at the time of propagation improvements .

As a result I got more interest in radio amateurism. Through a hamradio amateur I came in contact with Voorne-Putten, the local subsection of the Dutch Hamradioclub the ‘VERON”. I took lessons there to learn all about hamradio. My goal was to get my novice licence.

The biggest problem I encountered; a lot of things which were as they told to be. This was not acceptable for me, I had to know why some things are the way they are. Things you need to know for your full licence. So I bought the book requiered for the so called C-licence.

In April 2000 I passed the exam for novice and C on the same day! Just a few months later in June I started a CW course for which I also succeeded in december of that same year.

My first callsign was PE9JAM, after my CW upgrade I changed it into PA9JAM. At that time known as the “jamjar”.

The same year I started a weekly YL round on 2 meters together with my friend Elvira PA4ELF, every friday. In 2001, the first anniversary of the YL round, we used a special callsign, PB6YL.

For me this callsign (PB6YL) was the reason to change PA9JAM at the end of that year into PB7YL.

At the beginning of 2006, I met my current husband. Ruud is also a radio amateur known as PA9RD.

Our HAMRADIO hobby brought us together.

At first I met him (Ruud PD9RD) on the 2 meter repeater of Rotterdam. I once said that I would like to experience how it is to drive in a big truck. “Done deal”, came from the other side. “I’ll let you know when”! And it happenend. By the end of January 2006 I climbed the truck although it was on the road to nowhere… The result of this BIG step was that we got married on

SEPTEMBER 21th in 2007


After this joyfull event I’m no longer a “young lady”. I’m a married woman, HI!, (XYL)
I changed my call again (for the last time?) at the end of September 2007 into

In 2014 I changed my callsign again, this time into PB8YL

My QTH is Heinenoord, a small village about 5 miles south of Rotterdam.

My QRA Locator is JO21FT.

YL number is 148.
Nafras  #D112
DIG #6143
EPC #03374
DMC #2488
CDG #0284

I am a DX Hunter and I regularly take part in a variety of contests. As there are IOTA, IARU HF world championship, PACC, and other contests. I’m also an award collector. For more information about awards, please visit my awardpage for info.

I always like to get your QSL card. Especially your paper card.
But also E-qsl is welcome and I’m LOTW user

Cards will always be answered by me. If you have not yet received my card do not hesitate to send me an e-mail.

If you send me a direct card, please don’t send money, irc or…. There is no need to, but I’ll be very glad to send you my papercard in return.
mail: pb7xyl at amsat.org
73, de Anneke PB8YL