Pse also read the important message on my QRZ page regarding the abuse of my callsign. Also in Dutch there is a page on this website about this abuse: Clustermeldingen & PI4RM

How it started.

Hi there, my name is Ruud, and I was Dutch lorry driver for a little over 30 years years.
As son of a radio/television electronics repairman I grew up as a normal person
with a fascination for electronics and equipment.
As my father also had a hobby as shortwave listening amateur and later as licensed radio amateur
(PA0ALD Silent Key)
it was certain I should walk the same direction.
However, I wasn’t fond of graphics and mathematics etc, so I dropped that in the third grade of high school and took up my languages.
At 17 I left school with a diploma and worked for a few years at several jobs.

Just after my 19th birthday I got my drivers license and started at my fathers company as an outdoor delivery and pick-up driver in the repair shop. After a very nice year there I became, unintended, a taxi driver in my home town Den-Haag also known as The Hague, the governmental capital city of The Netherlands.
In time, I met a colleague who was a lorry driver on weekdays and a taxi driver on the weekends. I soon started with my truck drivers license and the necessary papers and my freedom started. I drove around Europe from Scandinavia to Spain/Italy and from Great Britain to Poland.
At this time I also had the same hobby and interests as my dad and whenever I was home I spend my time behind my radio equipment on the FM and CB frequencies, in those years forbidden and illegal.
I once tried to get my radio license but failed the test due to lack of time caused by my job. I left it for what it was. A minor accident in december 2002 helped me to find some time (5 1/2 months) to really start learning again. In November 2003, I succeeded in my wish to follow in my fathers footsteps.
I know now he is very proud of me. I’m still doing C.B. radio in my truck with other drivers, now I’m also mobile QRV as a licensed hamradio amateur on VHF/UHF and also HF. Especially on the Dutch repeaters you can hear me as I drive along Holland and Belgium.
That’s reach enough for me at this time. Now I have more time to spend on my hobby.
I wanted to get one step further in April 2005 as I hoped to get my F(ull)-license which allowed me to be fully QRV on HF.
I failed then because of my father’s illness. They discovered cancer spread out in his body. The doctors gave him a few months. My thoughts were with him, instead of focussing on the right answers. So I had to try again the 2nd of November 2005. I told myself I must succeed now.

In November 2005 however my father died 2 days after my test for the Full license…..I failed one question too many.
There were some problems with one question which had possibly two right answers. Saturday morning the letter with the result came in by mail and I knew for sure that I flunked, but hoped for that one question to be removed from the answers. With that I would have had enough points.
Dad died earlier that night. I couldn’t tell him the result, good or bad.

In April 2006 there would be another chance for me and I told myself this would be the last time. I took my books and started studying again. By this time I felt no pressure and was quite relaxed in the days to come for the final test. I started with the easy questions and then the difficult ones and I felt rather good about it. Honestly I don’t believe in the occult things, but I was sure he was looking over my shoulder and helped me through the exam. In fact, I’m convinced he forced my pencil in the right direction for three answers.

Anyway I passed this time and got my F(ull) license. Before he died I asked my father what my callsign should be in case I succeeded. “That’s quit simple!” he said. “They know you as PD9RD, yes…? Or 9RD as you always say…yes?” (He hated that, as he told me more than once). “And you are from Holland, you are a real Dutchman. The whole world knows Holland as PA land, so keep it that way and only change it into PA9RD!” And so I did.

At this time I got a girlfriend who was also a licensed radio amateur. Unfortunally my father never had the chance to meet her in person. He only knew her from the monthly contest on 2 mtr.
Later on as Anneke and I became closer and closer, I moved from VOORBURG, a small town near The Hague to a small village called HEERJANSDAM located south of Rotterdam the biggest harbor city in Holland.
I stopped with working as European trucker and became a regional driver. Home every evening and lots of time for the hobby. I bought a transceiver from Yaesu, the FT-2000 and a 3 EL beam. Ofcourse this wasn’t a final situation, since antennes are alway on the change. After an update in the tower with a 7 El HyGain DB1217 I decided to upgrade again to a better (and a little bigger) antenna. The last situation for HF is a 3 El. SteppIR with the 30/40 loop.

In september 2007 I married my girlfriend, now my wife Anneke (PB8YL) and a few days later we moved again to
our house in a smaller village in the countryside of “De Hoeksche Waard”, named HEINENOORD (JO21FT).
Anneke then changed her callsign into PB7XYL. (Now PB8YL)


I hope to meet you sometime on any band. You can find me mostly on 20 Mtr.
Since October 2009 I’m active again in DIGI modes, especially PSK31 and RTTY.
I’m also member of a couple of clubs like:

EPC #09233, DMC #2582, CDG #0286

Hope to see you somewhere on my screen!

In the early morning of August 20th in 2012 I was struck by a minor brain attack, followed by two more in the next weeks called a CVA (cereabel vasculair attack), which kept me home for a couple of months. Since I’m still suffering from the after effects they decided in 2014 to forbid me to go at work again as a lorry/truckdriver. After a new check-up and a few tests they also told me I am not allowed to do any job again. So I’m “enjoying” my early retirement at the age of 55 now by keeping myself busy with household work and hobby. Also lots of time to get things done, but one of the results of this “brainfaillure” is that I don’t get the things I wanna do finished in one time. Sometimes I have problems “controlling” my arms and legs, so I have to sit down and wait for a better moment. Stress is also a problem as is sleeping, waking up too early after 4-4 1/2 hours of sleep, the ability of speech without difficulties (seems like I have a drunk voice), memory loss and sometimes my tongue (and typing) is a sharp as a knife. (Sorry for that!) I’m lucky I came out good with no physical and visible damage most of the times. Although sometimes it’s a problem and a disadvantage. But I manage to survive and deal with it. The question is: Can you?  😉

73  Ruud PA9RD